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Important Information and Updates Regarding the Families First Coronavirus Response Act and Affiliated Legislation

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The past several weeks have been unprecedented in the world of payroll, employment laws and new legislation because of the Coronavirus pandemic.  We have followed the quickly changing landscape, attended numerous webinars and calls, and consulted with payroll professionals and labor law attorneys on the best way to help you, our clients, understand the most recent legislation and how it may affect you and your employees.


Please read the important information below that may affect you as an employer. If you determine you have employees eligible for the federally-mandated paid sick leave provisions, we will need additional information from you in order to process the payroll properly.


Rest assured, as more information becomes available, we will keep you up to date. For now, keep washing those hands, stay six feet apart from others and stay healthy!


The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) was signed into law on March 27th. While payroll professionals and attorneys are still awaiting additional specific guidance from the Department of Labor, including potential exemptions for employers with less than 50 employees, we do know the following:


  • FFCRA requires employers under 500 employees to provide their employees with up to two weeks of paid sick leave for certain specified reasons, and/or 12-weeks expanded and paid family and medical leave for specific reasons as it relates to COVID-19. The effective date for FFCRA begins April 1 and runs through the end of 2020. The Department of Labor administers and enforces this new law’s requirements and is still in the process of enacting related regulations. Click here to read more about this new law.



The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act passed and signed into law on March 27th. There are specific provisions for churches, Christian schools and 501(c)(3) organizations, specifically as it relates to loans and funding payroll. Click here for more details.

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