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There’s so much to think about when it comes to payroll—timekeeping, processing checks, direct deposit, payroll taxes, payroll returns, W-2s and more. Letting us handle payroll functions saves you and your staff/volunteers the time it takes to manage these functions—while ensuring the payroll and quarterly returns are completed properly and on time. You never have to worry about someone being out on vacation, sick or running into an issue with processing.

Direct deposit or pay cards

Employee Self Service (online pay stubs, W-4 updates, electronic W-2)

Garnishment calculations

Payroll tax deposits for Federal and State

No impounding of bank accounts - Drafts occur from the client’s bank account to the proper entity, giving you full transparency when you see it appear on your bank statement.

Employees paid on time

Reporting Services

Payroll summary reports

Journal entry for accounting purposes

Federal and State Quarterly and Year-End Payroll Returns

E-Verify Reporting

State New Hire Reporting

State Unemployment Quarterly Returns

Federal Unemployment Returns

Payroll Reports for Workers’ Compensation Audits


E-Verify is one of the most important steps in ensuring your workforce is authorized to work. U.S. law requires employers to employ individuals who are legally eligible to work, and a growing number of states now require employers to use E-Verify for business, professional license or to receive public contracts. By working with Forest Acres we can save you the time required to begin using the E-Verify system and verify new hires on your behalf.


Beyond Payroll – Timekeeping

Forest Acres Payroll can provide services beyond payroll, such as employment screening, time and attendance, and other payroll-related solutions.


For example, our time and attendance solution meets your organization’s unique needs. Whether employees need to punch in and out using a physical time clock, biometric (hand scanner) clock, tablet, online web clock, and more. Protect your organization, employees, volunteers or clients with convenient, affordable background screening.


Time & Attendance

Background Screening

New Hire Reporting

Beyond Payroll - Timekeeping

Background Screening Services

Know your volunteers and employees, and protect your company.


Forest Acres Payroll offers easy and affordable background screening through our partner, National Crime Search, Inc. (NCS).

NCS is accredited through the National Association of Professional Background Screeners. A volunteer or employment search through NCS can include the following…

Volunteer Screening

Social Security Verification

County-level Criminal History Searches

Sex Offender Searches

Single or Multi-State Database Searches

Motor Vehicle Records

Healthcare Industry Services


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