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When it comes to payroll, churches, nonprofits and small businesses have different needs than their larger business and corporate counterparts. Relying on volunteers and staff who may already be stretched too thin can make it difficult to focus on your ministry, mission or work. Hiring experts who know and respect your unique needs helps you get back to what really matters, while ensuring the business keeps running efficiently.

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Small businesses

We provide payroll services for ministries, nonprofits and small businesses.



We provide full-service payroll solutions, including direct deposit, quarterly and year-end returns.

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We are a team of payroll experts with years of experience to manage your payroll needs.

Your unique needs.
Our unique expertise.

Forest Acres Payroll is your team of payroll experts who understands the unique laws and intricacies of your organization. We help you answer the question, “Are we being good stewards of the money entrusted to us,” with a resounding YES!


When you work with Forest Acres Payroll, you have direct access to your payroll account manager. When you have a question, call us—you won’t receive a call center, but a real person. You know us and we know you—and we know and understand the history of your account.

Ready to help with your unique questions.


Ministry, Nonprofit and Small Business Expertise

Ministry, Nonprofit and Small Business Expertise

While many payroll companies claim they can process church and clergy payroll, we have found errors even in large companies’ payroll reporting—especially when it comes to a minister’s W-2. Similarly, nonprofits exist to carry out their mission, but often have neither the time nor the resources to let business operations get in the way. And small businesses? We know there’s nothing “small” about the time you spend on payroll, which means time spent away doing the business that brings you revenue.


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