Time & Attendance

Think your staff is too small for timekeeping? Think again.

The Many Benefits of Timekeeping

Timekeeping offers numerous benefits to employers, from cost savings to employee efficiency, not to mention it provides accurate record-keeping for labor audits. Whether you have 2 or 200 employees, wages are typically one of your greatest expenses. And having a timekeeping solution is the best tool to minimize that cost. Some of the high-level benefits include:

Reduced cost of wages and overtime because of more accurate reporting

Increase employee productivity

Reduce administrative hours and costs

Reduce wage and hour compliance risk

Increased convenience for managers and employees, including time off requests, available leave and more.

The Many Benefits of Timekeeping

Your people are likely your greatest asset and expense. Timekeeping is the best tool to minimize the cost.

Time & Attendance

Work smarter, not harder. Collecting paper time sheets, calculating and compiling takes a lot of time. A time and attendance solution can work for churches, nonprofits and small businesses of all sizes. Timekeeping affords you and your organization:

  • Clock-in or out using a web-based station, badge swipe, mobile phone/app, pin code, biometric fingerprint reader or proximity badge
  • Flexible configuration for employees with multiple pay items in different departments
  • Employee self service to request time off, review schedules, and PTO balances
  • Integrate with Forest Acres Payroll’s system for faster processing times
  • Insight and audit data for absences, overtime management, leave planning and compliance

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Mobile Time Clock

Desktop or Mobile – Employee Self Service

In addition to desktop workforce management, our timekeeping platform offers the convenience of a mobile app to simplify how you track employees or volunteers on-the-go. Punch in/out, approve time cards, submit time-off requests, view schedules and check accruals. Pin-point GPS even adds location data and map views to punch locations.

Easy clock in/out

View/edit time card

Time off requests

Easy view of hours worked

GPS Pin-point location

Employee Scheduling

Scheduling employees can be a difficult and cumbersome task. For churches, scheduling nursery workers can be time consuming and difficult. For nonprofits and small businesses, ensuring you have people scheduled to work when you need them is also a challenge that takes a lot of your time.

Simplify scheduling by utilizing the scheduling piece of our timekeeping solution. Not only can employers reduce overstaffing or understaffing situations, but a scheduling solution also helps you keep a closer eye on overtime, labor constraints and more.

Copy and paste templates

Drag and drop scheduling

Reduce overtime and overstaffing

Easy shift swapping for employees